The European Shrimps Contest 2013 ( Italy)

The European Shrimps Contest taking place in the second time .                                   This year it will be in a new edition and will be hosted at the acquafestival within the context of petfestival (ex acquabeach / tartabeach), the largest aquarium dedicated trade show in Italy.

The previous edition was held at the acquabeach / tartabeach 2012 in Cesena, this year with the change of location, the extent of the fair to the other pets (hence the name petfestival) and more exhibition space (5,000 sqm only dedicated to aquariums), expect a greater flow of visitors (last year there were more than 11,000), and greater visibility for the event and our hobby.

The main sponsor of  the event is, a known Italian professional shrimps farm.

The European Shrimps Contest :  7/8 september 2013 – petfestival -piacenza expo – italy

for more info visit the contest site at : 

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  1. I would like to participate the entries, what is the procedure of the required. We are from Penang Island, Malaysia.

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