Hannover 2013 – Final Summary

Why must all good things come to an end?‏
The event has ended but personally I wish it never did !
Where to start ?? Wow it was just amazing event in all aspects!
Amazing shrimps from Germany (and abroad) with the combination of shrimps lovers from all over the world it was (at least for me ) the highlight of this year.
I want to take advantage of this stage and thank a number of great people I met in Germany :
Thomas Heinen Thanks for the wonderful hospitality and great reception even though you were busy over the head .
Philipp Gardemin for a wonderful and enjoyable evening at the come toghter party and more great time after that .
To the Sweetest family in Germany (and the world) the Hardel Family : the charming Lisbeth Hardel and Fenja Hardel the talented photographer and offcourse Thorsten ! you are amazing as your art! Thanks for all the gifts!

Also whould like to thank Imke Jungjohann although you could not come you helped me a lot before the trip (and every other time I needed) so thanks again Imke !
Also to Mura Kilic who helped and it was nice to meet you (and your girlfriend ) at the exhibition even it was just for a short time ..
In addition thanks to Johannes Gümmer from Garnelen-Guemmer Berlin who was running with me around Berlin like we old times friends and found common ground together very quickly.
Chris Lukhaup for the warm hospitality at the Dennerle exhibit place ,
and finally to the entire team of the shrimp Championships for perfect organization ! it was an honor for me to be an ambassador of this competition.

Also thanks for the rest of the people I met and maybe forgot all of you were exceptionally nice so thank you all!


pictures will be upload in the next posts :)


2 thoughts on “Hannover 2013 – Final Summary

  1. Thanks Yuval!
    It was very nice to meet you and your friend.
    I am proud to have met you as a friend. Hoping, we will see us again next year.

    Many greetings

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