Blue Tiger Shrimp

                                                                 Name: Blue Tiger Shrimp  

Other Common names: Caridina cantonensis sp “blue”

Family Type: Caridina

Difficulty: Medium


One of the most beautiful shrimp in the hobby, the entire body is blue and not just the shell and they have orange eyes.

They origin is unknown some says its color selection from a regular Tiger shrimp and some says it’s found like that in nature.

The mature blue tiger is a strong shrimp and can handle wide range of water parameters but juveniles are more sensitive

Growing from young to adult take more than the average shrimp and can take up to 6 month to be fully mature.

The shrimp is non-aggressive and can live with other shrimp type with no problems but its not recomended since they tigers

slow breeding  rate can let the other species grow and take over the tank in short period and make the tigers breed even more slowly.




Breeding can be tricky sometimes and you will have to provide top quality water for the juveniles to get decent adults

Water Parameters range:

Ph:  6.4 – 7.5

Gh: 0 – 7

Kh: 0-3

Temp: 19c – 26c

Ideal Water Parameters:   ph 6.8 gh5 kh2 23c

Notes:  slow grow, need clean high quality water

Blue tigers do not breed true -  some juveniles will be transparent with orange eyes they called “Blond Tigers” they will have blue offspring’s but in lower rate  than blue tigers and  most ppl take them out not to lower the grade of the tigers .   

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